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How it Works?

Socialight allows businesses to create Campaigns, which details content you would like to be created about your business. Influencers can then use Socialight to apply to these Campaigns, expressing their interest in collaborating with you, seamlessly connecting local businesses, with local influencers.

Step 1

Browse Campaigns

As an influencer, sign up to Socialight to view and browse campaigns available in your local area and apply to the ones that excite you.

Step 2

Accept The Influencers You Love

As a business, you can now review the applications made to your campaign and begin to collaborate with the influencers you've accepted. The content will be then be made, before being uploaded online.

Step 3

Witness Growth & Interaction

Your content is now live and is reaching an audience while generating likes, comments and shares, all about your business and your campaign.

"Money really well spent"

Joe Cook, Ops Director, Bosco,

"The best marketing money I have ever spent"

Tj Hodgson, Owner, Young & Foodish

"Fantastic service and delivers actual results"

Nicolo Licata, Owner, The Parlour

"The only marketing out there that has genuinely excited me"

Stu Rose, Director, Convivio

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