Bristol Vegan Favourites by Powered With Peanuts

Bristol Vegan Favourites by @poweredwithpeanuts  

Hey! It’s Kitty here, aka Powered With Peanuts from my vegan food and fitness blog on instagram. If you follow me already, you’ll know I’m a massive foodie, a vegan, I love the gym and like to promote an active and healthy lifestyle! Lots of my feed features my own cooking but I also spend a lot of time eating out!

As a vegan it can often be hard to go out with friends and family and find a place where everyone can find something on the menu that suits them (I mean it’s mostly me that’s the ‘difficult’ one!). Luckily, Bristol, which has recently been crowned the most vegan friendly city in Europe holds some of the best fully vegan and vegan friendly restaurants in the UK.

….as a vegan it can often be hard to go out with friends and family and find a place where everyone can find something on the menu that suits them

There’s vegan junk food (Oowee), Persian cuisine (Koocha), amazing pizza options (Pizza Rova) as well as healthy eating cafes like East Village and Beets N Roots…The options are endless. I thought I’d talk a little bit about three wonderful spots that I’ve had the pleasure of working with through Socialight App, Quay Street Diner, Burger Theory and Dangun.

Quay Street Diner

When I first walked into Quay Street Diner I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d heard many great things about their pulled pork burgers and shrimp subs but not heard anything about their vegan options. I’m glad to say I was amazed! The restaurant is decorated with fairy lights, surfboards and American styled retro pictures which enhances their chilled out Californian vibe. With a LARGE Gin and Tonic in hand, I knew I was going to enjoy my time here. The menu honestly shocked me as there were at least 7/8 vegan options (which for a fairly American styled/meat-heavy diner) was really great to see. There options varied from healthy salads to sweet potato tacos to the delicious Po-Boy mushroom and sweet potato sub that I indulged in. The flavours were on point and you could tell every dish had been made with care and thought. Sometimes in restaurants vegan options are 2nd best and don’t get given the time of day, but not at Quay Street Diner. They also even offered us the creamiest chocolate and coconut torte to finish our 3 course meal which once again impressed me, as normally I’m only offered a sorbet which ISN’T a dessert, its a palette cleanser lets be real. The prices are really great if you’re looking for a delicious and filling meal, the mains are under £10 and they even offer student discount so if you’re in need of a study break it’s the perfect pit-stop!

Burger  Theory

Ok so on my Insta I’m notorious for loving a good old juicy vegan burger. I don’t want any of that dry lentil and bean burger rubbish, I want a juicy seitan naughty feeling burger that hits the spot. Burger Theory is hands down my go-to for this! I have been to Burger Theory 4-5 times now as they always deliver high-quality food, good portion sizes and excellent flavour! I opted for the ‘dirty hippy’ burger and swapped out the original patty for seitan ch*cken. They slathered it in the most delicious homemade sweet bbq sauce and didn’t scrimp on the side of sweet potato fries and onion rings either. While the burgers are banging the show stopper is their mind-blowing Oreo and Peanut Butter milkshake.

I don’t know how they made it so thick and creamy but they nailed it to perfection! They swapped out dairy ice-cream and used a soy-based ice cream alternative which was so heavenly. My only fault with Burger Theory is that they are a little more pricey… and to make the milkshake vegan had an additional charge which is a shame as it ended up being over £6. But if you’re looking for a magnificent feast of epic vegan burgers and shakes I would highly recommend Burger Theory. Also if you go on a Monday and order a egan/veggie burger you get free chips so check out that cheeky deal!


Lastly, we have Dangun which is a hidden treasure down a beautiful cobbled lane in the city centre. Dangun is a small and homely modern Asian inspired restaurant with a super vegan friendly menu. I opted for the popcorn cauliflower in siracha mayo, the tofu gyoza’s and a deliciously fresh and healthy tofu and edamame bean rice bowl.  My favourite dish was definitely the popcorn cauliflower and the gyoza as the flavour and textures were perfection. The rice bowl was also great as I didn’t feel like having a heavier curry option (which I’m sure is delicious!) and I left feeling energised and healthy, a perfect option for any fitness fanatics or whole-food fans like me. What I love about Dangun is that it’s the kind of restaurant you can take your non-vegan friend, as I did, give them vegan food, and they wouldn’t feel like they were missing out on the meat due to the explosive flavours and textures. Dangun has an incredibly warm and friendly atmosphere and the waiters were all so hospitable and really took their time to talk us through the menu and provide us with an experience. Food is about enjoyment, sharing, and should be made and served with love and passion which is what Dangun achieve.

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