Workshop Recap, 7th July: How To Collaborate With Brands

Workshop Recap: How To Collaborate With Brands

Over the weekend we had the pleasure of welcoming a group of influencers to the beautiful Bristol Harbour Hotel for a morning of coffee, networking and (of course) food at our workshop based around educating influencers on how to work more effectively with brands. It was a really valuable experience for everyone involved and it was great to see so many friendly faces in attendance.

The following 3 areas of discussion are not exclusive to Socialight. They can be applied to any marketing or PR agency that you work with and really are key to succeeding in the industry.


The first topic we covered was relevancy. We emphasised how it’s important to ensure you apply for campaigns that are not only relevant to your interests but also relevant to your feed. For example, as much as the chance to go to AirHop may sound like a great opportunity for a day out with the kids, if you’re a predominantly food based blogger your audience is probably not going to be that fussed about a post that’s completely out of the blue from your feeds usual vibe. Also, you need to consider your own feed’s image – you don’t want to go to a collab and then realise once you’ve created your post that actually the colour scheme/vibe of the venue doesn’t quite fit into the schedule of your feed.

Follow the guidelines

The next point we touched on was the importance of following the campaign guidelines you receive when applying for a collaboration. This is a huge necessity if you want to build a rapport with the businesses you work with. The business will have designed the campaign guideline to achieve a specific business goal, therefore it is vital that you follow the brief to ensure that you have done everything you possibly can to complete the job that you’ve been instructed to do.


f you follow the guidelines, you will create valuable content that is beneficial to the business and they will be more likely to not only invite you again, but also feedback positively to us at Socialight which will enhance your chances of being shortlisted for future campaigns.


Finally we focused on what it means to be ‘reliable’. The usual things such as being punctual and polite may spring to mind, but being reliable is much more than that. Being reliable includes things such as being easy to contact, being genuinely interested in the brand that you’re collaborating with and being able to upload your content promptly and to a high standard. Again, we appreciate that life happens, so sometimes rearrangements need to be made, but being open and easy to communicate with.

How can I get involved?

We are super excited to announce that we will be hosting our biggest workshop to date on the 18th August! The workshop will focus on interpreting and understanding a campaign brief and how to apply this successfully to your own content in order to build an amazing campaign that suits both your feed and the brands needs.

We at Socialight think it’s really important for influencers and businesses to understand each-others wants and needs in order to collaborate successfully. This workshop will be a fantastic opportunity for both influencers and brands to learn from one another to develop a deeper understanding of each individual perspective when approaching a campaign.

The day will begin with welcome drinks and an opportunity to mingle with other attendees, before taking your seat for an introduction from Socialight and a breakdown of the itinerary for the day. You’ll then receive some hints and tips  on how to effectively incorporate a campaign brief into your content style, before putting what you’ve learnt into action and creating content for your very own campaign!

The workshop will be followed by a delicious lunch prepared by Bristol Harbour Hotel’s new chef John Pollard and his team, who specialise in creating traditional favourites with a contemporary twist. To finish the day you will have the opportunity to network with a variety of local businesses and content creators, whilst enjoying a glass of bubbly and dessert canapes.

This workshop is sure to be an education for everyone involved, whether you’re just starting out as an influencer, you’re already an established content creator or simply just a business wanting to learn more about the benefits of influencer marketing – there’s something for everyone and we’d love to see you there.

You can get your tickets here.

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