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1. What Is An Influencer?

We classify an influencer as someone who has more than 1,000 followers, who are based in a city which Socialight operates within and creates content via Facebook, Instagram, Blogs or has a unique, creative talent.

2. Who Are The Businesses?

Socialight work with local SME’s (small and medium enterprises). This means we work only with businesses who have a presence in a specific city in which Socialight also operate within. We choose to work with SME’s to support their needs in having a strong social media presence that they don’t always have the time or resources to build.

3. Does This fit Within Advertising Regulations?

Yes. In the US, UK, Europe and many other parts of the world, you are required by law to disclose a sponsored post. The easiest way to do this is to simply include #ad or #SocialightPartner in your post. For further guidance, see our T&Cs.

4. Who Owns The Content?

The Influencer owns the content. However, the business can use / share the same content within the platform it appears as long as they provide credit. Content can be used outside of the chosen social media platform, but only with the influencer’s agreement.

5. Are Influencers Regulated?

Regulated? Yes. Controlled? No. Based on Socialight’s T&C’s / House Rules, Influencers must agree to a few conditions around their content, such as, keeping the content visible for 30 days and not posting other content 5 hours after they’ve posted an ad. Socialight also approve all registrations to make sure the influencer, their content & followers are authentic. Aside from this, we do not discriminate against who can register an account with Socialight, although we do maintain the right to remove users based on their behaviour.

6. Which Platforms Do We Work With?

Socialight allows influencers to post content and earn money through Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, personal blogs and YouTube.


7. How Much Can I Earn?

With Instagram being the most common platform our influencers use, your earnings are based upon the size of your Instagram following. However, we do offer 'Professional' accounts for those who's content and experience is built around the likes of blogs, which allow you to set your own rate for the work you produce.

8. How Do I Know Who To Make Content For?

Every business and campaigns that you see on Socialight have a budget set aside for our platform and influencer marketing. This means that if you are to apply and create content for these brands through Socialight, there is strong likelihood you will collaborate and be paid to post content.

9. What Are Campaigns?

A Campaign is something a business creates to provide you a guideline as to what content they would like you to make. This might be about a specific product or offer. You can apply to these campaigns to put you and your content in front of the business in order to collaborate with them.

10. How Do I Apply To Campaigns?

When you head over to our 'Campaigns' page, simply click on the campaign that you're interested in, and hit the 'Apply For Job' button on the right hand side. Enter your details linked with your Socialight account and press 'send'.

11. Who Reviews My Application

Your application is sent to Socialight & the business running the campaign. This way, Socialight can act on behalf of you to make your application a success, and it also ensures the business are informed as quickly as possible amidst having to deal with other responsibilities where they may overlook your application.

12. You Accepts or Declines My Application?

The business make the final decision on whether or not they'd like to collaborate with you. Feedback will be provided if they choose not to.

13. What Do I Do When My Application Is Approved

Socialight will be in touch to organise the logistics of the work. Once that's done, go ahead and create your content based on the business and the campaign. When you have finished creating your content, you're free to upload it!

14. Why Does My Profile Need To Be Public?

2 reasons: 1. Socialight needs visibility over your content so we know when to pay you for your work. If we can’t publicly see your content, we won’t know if you have posted your content, which will not allow you to act as an influencer. 2. To maximise your worth as an influencer, we ask to make your profile public as it will increase the exposure you get and in turn, maximise the exposure the business gets, which we think is a fair trade off for the money you can earn.

15. Why Hasn't My Application Been Accepted Yet?

Don’t panic if your application isn’t approved. We work with SME’s which means typically the business doesn’t have huge teams, so please be considerate to their busy schedules. This could mean it takes a while for them to review your application, but be assured, we are in contact with them and they will always check.


16. Why Do I Need An Account As A Business?

You need an account to not only create campaigns, but for influencers to begin interacting with you. Meaning if you want influencers to visit your business or use your products, you need to register with Socialight so they can see you are also part of the platform.

17. How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of each piece of content is subjective to the size of that influencers following. We have an impressive algorithm which calculates the cost of each follower, which actually makes it more affordable and cost effective as the size of the following increases so that you’re never having to pay ludicrous amounts for content.

18. Do I Need To Pay To Register?

No. You can actually sign up and be part of Socialight completely for free, but, it is a very hands off approach and you are not given any support in creating campaigns, sourcing influencers, social media promotion or managing influencers. It also means it will be harder to attract high end influencers who can help you maximise the effectiveness of Socialight.

19. How Do I Work With Influencers

You need to begin by setting up a campaign. The best way to do this is to give us a call or drop us an email, however you can do it manually by heading over to your profile and pressing 'Add Listing' on the left hand panel. When you have set up a campaign, influencers can begin applying to collaborate with you, and alongside this, Socialight will also begin sourcing influencers for you.

20. What Do I Do When An Influencer Applies To My Campaign?

At this stage you can review the application and decide if you'd like to collaborate. Socialight is also notified of the application meaning we can discuss if you'd like to go ahead with the collaboration and answer any questions you might have. When you accept a collaboration, we work out the logistics of the work to get the ball rolling.

21. When Do I Pay?

Unless you've opted for a free account, you pay an agreed budget to Socialight that will act as your credit for Influencers. Money is only taken out of your budget when there had been a successful collaboration and content has been created.

22. Can I Contact The Influencers Direct?

In theory, yes. But the idea behind Socialight is for it to be a hands off experience between an influencer and business where content is created and shared seamlessly. It is within our T&C’s that if this type of interaction happens then we do maintain the right to ban users. Besides, direct interaction between businesses and influencers is known to be very time consuming and considerably more expensive, so we’re simply making the process easier for everyone involved.

23. Can I Use The Content The Influencer Has Made?

You can, but only on the platform in which they posted their content. If you would like to use it for methods of advertising outside of the original platform, drop us an email at so we can set up a discussion in which they can give you permission to do so. Bare in mind, the influencer reserves the right to decline this and it may come at an extra cost if they do decided to grant you permission.