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Time saving
A typical, self managed influencer marketing campaign usually takes up 25 hours of a marketers time. An influencer marketing campaign with Socialight typically takes up 2-3 hours of a marketers time instead. Your time is valuable. Let us look after it.
Money saving
A typical, self manager influencer marketing campaign can cost anywhere from £2,000 - £5,000 depending on the scale of the project. It could sometimes be even more. Socialight costs you no more than an advert in a newspaper. Don't overpay for something you could save thousands on.
Reputation Saving
Influencers are people. And people have expectations. Self managed influencer marketing campaigns have a high risk of failure due to poor communication, but more importantly, mismanaged expectations & understandings. Socialight remove this risk, saving your brand from working negatively with influencers.

what we can do for you

Socialight goes much deeper than just influencer marketing.

Alongside the benefit of sourcing and organising influencers, running a well executed campaign offers a number of other benefits.

We handle all of the logistics around coordinating the influencers to make sure the campaign runs as smoothly as possible without providing extra work for you to deal with
We go as far to not only source influencers for your campaign, but we pre-book them far in advance so that you know exactly who you'll be working with and when you can expect to collaborate with them, meaning you have no nasty surprises
Any questions or issues before, during or after the collaboration, we deal with for you. Of course, if something needs to be passed on, we will, but to save you the trouble of dealing with last minute troubles, Socialight are there to handle it for you
it’s yours
Any content created by an influencer through Socialight, whether it be a photo, video or blog, is now licensed as yours to be able to use for your own marketing initiatives
social media
Socialight helps to support the flow of natural content available to be used for your own social media pages. Gone are the days where you struggle to find good quality content to post to your own social media page
Got something new to shout about but don't have anything to shout about it with? Don't fork out for a photographer or videographer. Use influencers to not only promote what's new, but use their creativity to gather a library of beautiful content for your own use
When your campaign is over, we gather all of the data produced during the time we worked together and compile it in to an easy to digest report which will give you an indication of how successful the campaign was
Want to know if an influencer has real or fake followers? Or whether their followers live in the same place as you do? What about how well associated they are with your brand? Socialight can show you all of it
Want to work toward a certain goal? No problem. We are able to put in measurable KPI's to make sure the campaign is going as expected and we have a target to hit. This means everything is co-ordinated with a bit more detail so we know exactly what to achieve

what it costs

If you’d like to discuss how we can get a campaign started and the costs involved, please let us know a bit about who you are…